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Willi Karvia

Welcome to Karvia!

Here you can see real country life and unhurried atmosphere.

Karvia is a small town in western Finland. We have approximately 2405 (31.12.2017) inhabitants and 502 km² of land. We are located in the northern part of Satakunta and our closest neighbours are Honkajoki, Jalasjärvi, Kankaanpää, Kauhajoki and Parkano. Karvia consists of villages Sara, Sarvela, Karviankylä, center of Karvia, Kantti, Suomijärvi and Alkkia. The current town of Karvia was founded in 1865.

The center of the town is lively and full of activities, including a new gym, outdoor play areas, lakeside camping and more. People in Karvia are very friendly and communal. We have even built a cycle path next to the main road all the way from Kantti to Sarvela (12 km) by voluntary workers, with a little bit of help from the town.

Karvia is also known for its cultural activities. Annual cultural events include Kyrönkankaan Pelimannipäivä (Kyrönkangas Spelman Day) in February, Karvia Laulaa ja Soi (Karvia Sings and Chimes) in March, a brass band open air concert on first of May, on the first weekend of August Karvia-Päivät (Karvia Days), eventful Willin Kansan viikko (Wild People’s week) in the darkness of November and many more. You can follow our Event calendar for different events (in Finnish).

Cycling and hiking are great free time activities in Karvia. You can design your own bike trip without getting lost, when you do it as a GPS trip. You can also hike Kauhaneva National Park duckboards and climb or hike around our highest mountain Alkkianvuori (201 m) nature trails or take a dip in Suolampi.

More information in English:

You can find information about accomodation, food, pharmacy, cashpoint and other services from info boards next to service stations Neste and ST1. You can ask for advice and instructions also from the town hall or call the number +358 2 572 790.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us!